Sunday, June 30, 2013

#139 Love is why we do it, love is worth the pain

So we were supposed to have a small farewell party or gathering before this best friend of mine leaves us for good. But surprise surprise, reaching a consensus as to deciding the wheres and whens, was almost impossible (for obvious reasons). Therefore some of us, the closest ones to this mom-to-be, decided to throw a simple farewell party for her, finally able to get some of 'those people' out of the picture. And yayy she loved the place, the food, the company she kept (well 90% of them tbh). Although she had to feign surprise when she arrived sebab kantoi last minute kot damn it haha but all went well, still.

So.. It was my pleasure, knowing and befriending you. And you know the drill, I'm sorry, thank you for everything, we'll miss you yada yada. Haha. Most importantly, take care of yourself AND your baby tau! :)