Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#142 Grow your beard out, just weird out

I started working today! Finally! OMG OMG kerja apa? Alah cikgu tuisyen je pun. Two classes per week. And...

The highlight, for me, was... When I asked them if they know "Lorde". Unsurprisingly, they didn't know her, but to my surprise, some of them were busy checking their dictionary, trying to find the meaning of "Lorde". As if. I MANAGED NOT TO LAUGH ALTHOUGH HANDS DOWN TWAS VERY HARD TO DO. I mean come on, aku dah siap prepare 1 article about Lorde, with worksheet bagai kot buahaha high expectation sgt kau ni syue. So I kept calm and explained that "Lorde" is actually a person, so I'm pretty sure even if they spent an eternity reading the dictionary, there ain't no "Lorde" in it. Krik krik sangat dik.

That's it. Gee I really need to learn how to write a proper conclusion.